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injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..

" Our republic was built on the premise of “Peace at Home, Peace in the World” as Ataturk noted. I wholeheartedly believe that a country that mistreats its own population at home is also a threat to its neighbors and allies. This couldn’t be more evident than in the case of Turkey. "

- Enes Kanter - 

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319 journalists arrested in Turkey since 2016.

Top 20 newspapers in Turkey is controlled by Erdogan. 

Hundreds of children living abroad are born stateless because the Turkish consulates do not provide them with passports or national IDs.

The Fallen of Turkey’s Purge

Women belonging to the marginalized groups face economic hardship, exclusion and violence, humiliating and degrading treatment in Turkey.

Unlawful restrictions are imposed on hundreds of thousands of individuals, including the cancellation of more than two hundred thousand passports belonging to the purge victims, in violation of fundamental rules of both, domestic and international law.

Everyday tens of people from different walk of lines are being detained and put in pre-trial detention across Turkey, forcing many others to flee the country via illegal ways.

The increasing number of suspicious deaths in custody in Turkey, taking place in suspicious circumstances and in a pattern of systematic recurrence.

İmam-Hatip schools, crucial in their role to further the AKP’s political Islam agenda as a breeding ground foar radical elements, continue to receive extensive political and material support, including through unlawful seizure (theft) of thousands of closed private educational institutions and land. 

The decline of democratic values and the erosion of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Turkey in recent years was followed by an increasing discrimination against persons with disabilities

Human rights violations
by the government of Turkey have now turned
the country into an open-air prison for many.

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